Score one for the little guy. Purdue Pharma is finally paying. For the blood money it’s earned. For the lives it’s claimed. For the Sackler family shareholders, both active and passive. The bystanders finally got their takedown.

As NYT journalist Farhad Manjoo recently wrote, ‘I’m scared for us,” because we…

Well folks, it must be election season. The craziness barometer is up and no US election has been as nutty as this one.

The one bright spot? I think we’re finally about to reverse the decreasing voter participation rates that have been a thing since the beginning of the 20th…

I used to think you couldn’t make this sh*t up. Clearly, I was wrong.

Q is a secret government insider (unlikely). Q chose 8kun (shut it down), the successor to 8chan infamous for all stripes of crazies, to make his mischief.

Q claimed only he (really?), knows of a secret…

In 1600, The Company of Merchants of London started the English East India Company to muscle in on the Dutch dominated spice trade. Investors committing seed funding for an exploratory search for the Spice Islands signed up for more than they bargained for:

[T]he 218 petitioners who in 1600 had…

Follow your passion. Do what you really love. Work isn’t work when you love it. Live your dream life — become an entrepreneur.

We could go on for paragraphs with the social media ready soundbites people love to spout about entrepreneurship but,
(1) you’d be bored,
(2) eventually you’d smell…

In the 1950s, Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term Creative Destruction:

a process of industrial mutation
that continuously revolutionizes
the economic structure from within,
incessantly destroying the old one,
incessantly creating a new one

Creative destruction is the lifeblood of capitalism. Embracing creative destruction is a survival skill for…

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